How to get Free 2018/19 jamb cbt runs/runz examination expo

How to get Free 2018/19 jamb cbt runs/runz examination expo

2018 Jamb is Here again and We are here again as usual to help you pass with good and attractive grades which will surely gives you a place in any of the Nigerians University .
We have done it In the past and Almost all of our candidates are always appreciating us for our help,you can add us on WhatsApp to see our candidates results it can’t be published here for security reasons.


Verified and very accurate Solutions will be sent to all our subscribers Any moment from Midnight to your exam day latest 3hours before exam.
So many people will ask How will Jamb CBT help be possible, dont be decieved it works and we are expert in the field, see illustration on how your Question will look on the System .

1. ___________ Kills Ade. let us assume the Right answer is The Snake.(See options below)
A. The Rat
B. That Goat
C. The Snake
D. That Lion

The Solutions Sent To you May be like this
1. Too
2. Fetch
3. The snake

If you are following the Question and The Solutions Sent to you are not arranged the same way, dont panic see how it works
With the above illustration Your Number 1 is the Number 3 in the solutions sent to you, all you just need to do is to trace it out that is once you finish reading a question Check out the options provided and then check the solutions sent to you an see the similar one that goes with the Question and at the same time with the Solutions Sent to you and if u follow the process verywell once u are done u will notice you have used all the available answers sent to you.
Even if you are a clever student once you have go through the Solutions Sent to you, you will surely know the option u have read before.

Note with what is explained above it simply means Solution will never be sent in this form

11-20 ADCDCADADE…….etc

But in this format.
1. A-Titi
2. D – The Snake
3. C – Cat
Jamb 2018 Free Cbt Mathematics Day1,2,3,4,5 Expo Questions And Answers Runz/Runs

So with the format you will be able to trace all out successfully.

We have been doing this for long, And here we are for the year 2018
Those who know us from the beginning knows how we work and how we make sure our candidates get the better results
Right from time we are not just doing these for the money, we are doing these to help you guys out, for the price been high like that we also paid a huge amount of money for the solution
Alot of people will guarantee u good grade, but will later fail u here ur success is ours and ur payment is secure with us….


  1. Runz Price for one subject: #1,500
  2. Runz Price for two subject: #3,000
  3. Runz Price for three subject: #4,500 
  4. Runz Price for four subject: #6,000

Send your MTN 6,000 PIN TO 09030866320 (Dont send less than #750,#1500 denominations i,e if you want to send #6000 mtn card it will be #750 in 8 places or #1500 in 4 places)

HOW TO Subscribe

Once your Recharge cards has been confirmed you will receive a confirmation message from us.

-Answers comes to your phone latest 3 hours before Exam!

2018 Jamb Expo: JAMB Questions And Answers For 7am, 9am And 1:30pm Candidates

-Make sure you send your exam date & time later when it comes out. 
-Make sure your phone is on always.
-We are Assuring You a Quality Score OF 250+
We can Assure you, you can never regret trusting us.

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