2018 jamb cbt upgrade site / Jamb 2018 hacked Questions And Answers

2018 jamb cbt upgrade site.

How To Upgrade 2018 Jamb Result / Score


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how to upgrade/enhance/*edit your Jamb result this tutorial will simply guild you on how to ehhance your Jamb result successfully…

n:b.you are about to break into Jamb database.
this is were your details can be corrected and it is totally safe and secured.
no harmful effect maybe in the future because this is their database they use doing everything about your result but you have to be fast, calculative and sharp.

Softwares needed for the enhancement. 

*anti hacker
*password unlocker
*cookies crumble
*key unlocker for exe(pro)
*dont spy on me
*clearmyipfor os x
*netgrim os x


all of the above named softwares are purchasable so you have to buy them with your master card, verve card, paypal, liberty reserve e.t.c.
after buying and have downloaded them make sure they are well installed to your personal computer(pc)

How to begin 

1. Enter your 10-digit Jamb Examination Number.(This is your 7-Digit centre number followed by your 3-digit candidate number eg. 4123456789) 2. Enter the 4 digits of your Examination Year eg. 2002
3. Select the Type of Examination
4. Enter the Card Serial Number found on the reverse side of your Scratch card.
5. Enter the Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your Scratch card 6. Click Submit and wait for the results window to come up finally, it opens……



step 1: when you are on your result page simply open another tab on the pc
*open the anti hacker software and go to the extreme end and click on “perform a hack for os x using html990,then you will see a space bar at the extreme end,simply insert your result link into it >and click.automatically it will bring out a space bar which you will fill authenticity.

step 2: pen the password unlocker and also insert your result link and click on ”go”.follow the normal procedures there and when you are on ”secure me”open the netgrim and you will see ”perform my secure” use the year you wrote the exam eg (2013) and click on ”go”.after it has come up u will see a password comprising of numbers and letters eg(34fr3453)

step 3: go back to the password unlocker click on the secure me you will see a space bar at the middle of the page insert the code from the netgrim then click ”void”…………
*a link will then be given to you eg (javalong/*default348277/*aspx=sco:grimv12)

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step 4: now go to the antihacker software click on authenticity go the enhance my pro click,when it loads up put the link you got from the password unlocker and click on caps titled Congratulations…*
..you are now in your own result page on the jamb database.

step 5: your full names,examination number and your score will appear.your score can now be edited and changed to any score of your choice.

step 6:edit and change all your subject grades(wisely)also open the ”dont spy on me”software to allow you spend time in editing your result.then after you are through with the editing then to go the extreme end click”void”.it’s done. then go nd get a new scratch card to check your result.

*simply use the clear my history software to clear your histories.make sure you dont do the hacking more than five(5)hours..the actionsript software has already made your enhancement permenent on Jamb database and manuscript and the hidemyip os x has already hidden you from them detecting whatever you are doing for just five(5) hours while the cookies crumble has already crumbled your scores permanently.

Please make sure you do the enhancecement with a secured pc or your personal computer and not in a cyber cafe.if also you can follow the step by step tutorials according you can do it approprately You can repeat and do another result with the same procedure, we are in the jet age and we need to explore our world with our knowledge..
for those of you that are not hackers that dnt understand the enhancement. for my assistance reach me on



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