Tonto Dikeh hits back at comedian Funny Bone for commenting on her marriage saga (Screenshot)

While commenting on her interview withDaddy Freeze, where she alleged that her ex-husband had pre-mature ejaculation disease and never stayed inside a woman for more than 40 second, the comedian wrote: ‘ DIE THIS TOPIC AND MOVE ON TONTO. YOU ARE OVERSTRETCHING, YOUR SON WILL GROWN UP SOME DAY AND BE EMBARRASSED BY ALL THESE.’

‘It’s been 2yrs naa. let this man rest and move on Come on naa’, he added.

Now, the mother of one has responded, by telling the comedian to save his peace for the end.

She wrote:

‘Ehm funnybone where was your mouth and stupid advice when this Useless imbecile i married together with his fool azuka keeps granting interviews every 4days up ontill 6days?? OR IS HE LIVING IN A DIFFERENT WORLD THAT THIS ISNT 2YEARS AFYER?? OR Your mouth too heavy you to drop advice??
It’s been 2years and this is my 2nd every INTERVIEW & i aint done yet!!
So save your peace for the end!! my friend just GET your ignorant ass over to my YOUTUBE PAGE AND WATCH!!
Y’all mad i aint broken!! Yall gonnno be mad a longggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg time!!’

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